If I write my book, how will I get it published?

In the past, it was a very difficult and time consuming. But today POD and ebooks have changed things dramatically.  POD or "Print on Demand" books are "self-published" books, usually produced with the assistance of a POD company.  Ebooks are on-line digital only books, available for download to computers and digital readers and smartphones.  


How do POD books compare with traditional published books?

1. POD books can be published in weeks rather than years.

2. POD books are typically only ordered on-line – Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

3. POD books are printed and shipped after they are ordered – 2 day turnaround.   

3. POD books and traditionally published books look identical.

4. POD books and traditionally published books retail for similar amounts.

5. Traditional publishers control editing, distribution and marketing.


Why use POD to publish your book?

1.  Your book can definitely be published and in a shorter period of time.

2.  Your "self-publishing" cost is relatively modest, depending on your skills.

3.  Your profit on a POD book will be at least 10 times more per book, than with traditional publishing.

4. You are in control of editing, distribution, purchase price and marketing.


Why select INTERDIMENSIONAL PRESS as your POD Company?                 

1.  We offer the full range of services to assist you with your POD or ebook.

2.  We provide custom services based on your needs – not predetermined packages.

3.  We usually work with a one client at one time, to give personal service.

4. Our fees and costs are very reasonable.


Whether you are thinking about writing a book, have one in process or have already written one, contact us to discuss POD or ebook publication: pcmcculley@gmail.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Patricia McCulley President and CEO










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