"Rainbow Bikes" is the second book of Evanne Jordan, author, and Mary Ruth Butterworth, illustrator, co-creators of "Firefly Nights".  In this amusing tale, based on the author's experience as a preschool teacher, the charming hand-painted illustrations and predictive language will spark the imagination of children and adults alike. Published in December 2016 and available at – Paperback and Kindle, – Paperback.  Outside the US: – Paperback and Kindle.

"Remember to Give" , is the the third book in the series by the Authors and Illustrators of "Remember the Love" and "Remember to Laugh", Thea Jue and Mary Lenz.The book continues with life of a delightful little island boy and his family. In this story he and his younger sister's adventures continue and they grow closer as they lean more valuable life lessons. Published in April 2016 and available at – paperback, – paperback. Outside the US:

"Remember to Laugh" by Thea Jue.  Another adventure of the boy from "Remember the Love."  This time he goes fishing with his dad, who teaches him the importance of laughing when adversity strikes.  Published in May 2014 and available from – paperback and Kindle, – paperback. Outside the US:

 "Remember the Love" by Thea Jue.  Set on a beautiful tropical island, this simple but charming story will touch every parent and child's heart.  Published in April 2013 and available from – paperback and Kindle, – paperback.  Outside the US:

"Shadows in My Life,"  Poems by Robert Buckenmeyer.  This is our second poetry book and is a delight to read.  Published in January 2013 and available from – paperback, – paperback.  Outside the US:

 "That's Not a Unicorn!" by Brian Neuenschwander. This unique children's book was written by a grade school teacher and illustrated by his students. Published in January 2013 and available from – paperback and Kindle, – paperback.  Outside the US:

"May Your Memory Be a  Blessing," Poems by Jude Stevenson-Victor.  This limited edition was our first poetry "chapbook."  Published in November 2012 and available only through Interdimensional Press directly,

"Tales,Tails And more Tales," by Stacey Andrade. This book of humorous short stories and anecdotes was written by a standup comedian. Published in September 2012 and available from – paperback, – paperback and Nook.  Outside the US:

"FIREFLY NIGHT," by Evanne Beth Jordan. This charming children's book was our second published book. Published in December 2010 and available from – paperback and Kindle, – paperback and Nook. Outside the US:

"Finding the Lost UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES. The Three Little Pigs unlock the door," by Patricia Pillard McCulley. Published in June 2010 and available from, – paperback and Kindle, – paperback and Nook, Smashwords – other ebook formats. Outside the US:

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