Offering Personalized POD (Publish on Demand) 

Services to Authors Worldwide 


The services we provide:

Interdimensional Press provides authors with access to a full range of services, based on their individual needs and desires – from consultation on "do it yourself," to assistance with editors, illustrators, layout, formatting, artwork, cover design, printing and distribution. Costs are based on the actual services and products provided plus a small printing surcharge to cover royalty accounting services 

For a free estimate, based on your specific needs, email us the "Getting Started Form" found on the "Getting Started" page.


Who we are:

Interdimensional Press is a small POD (Publish on Demand) publishing house building a reputation for honesty, personal service, fair pricing, and quality results. When you call us on the phone or email us, you will communicate with Patricia McCulley, President and CEO, or our Head Designer, Byron McCulley. We usually only work with one author at a time which results in individualized services and timely results. We are members of SPAN, Small Publishers Association of North America.


How we got started:

Patricia McCulley wrote a book and then did extensive research into the various aspects of publishing — agents, NY publishing houses, self-publishers, printers, royalties. Wanting a turnaround of less than a year vs. hiring an agent who worked through a  traditional publishing house and could take many years to publish, she looked into self-publishing.  She also wanted complete control of her book, not giving away her author's rights or control of the content. She found many independent publishing houses that were interested in publishing her book, but they all provided “publishing packages” that seemed expensive and didn’t quite fit what she wanted and needed. When the initial "package prices" were low, the costs, plus surcharge to print the book, were high.  It soon became clear that most of these companies were in business to maximize profits, not necessarily provide individualized services that an author really needed and at a reasonable price.  So she decided to self publish and establish her own publishing company – Interdimensional Press.


The Kinds of books we publish:

Our mission is to help authors get their books published. We publish books that will “lift the spirit of the planet.” Thus our genres include most any book, except for horror, erotica, and dark fantasy. We accept books that raise people’s consciousness – books that people can enjoy and learn from in a positive atmosphere. Fiction or Non-fiction – books for any age range, from child to adult, are acceptable. We publish a variety of sizes, in hardcover and paperback, plus ebook publication, if desired.


What Interdimensional means:

Interdimensional is a word that is so new to the general population that most spell-checks in computers want to change it into the words “One-dimensional.” Interdimensional means that issues, concepts, people, all that exists, may be more complex than immediately appear on the surface.  The word alerts us to look beyond the obvious.



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